Quality Service

Some automotive service businesses live on the philosophy of quantity, at Japanese Auto Care we believe in quality. Experience has shown us that most of our customers initially visited us on a recommendation from a friend or family member or by reading our reviews on various websites. Customers come looking for quality people and service they can trust. We go the extra mile to prove to them that our shop will meet their expectations.

We understand that you can’t entrust your vehicle to just anybody. Japanese Auto Care highly trained and experienced technicians are foreign import specialists. If you’ve been looking for a team of professionals who are experts in their field and care as much about your vehicle as you do, we are the only choice.

While for over 21 years, we have specialized in Acura, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota, we happily service all Japanese vehicles.

Oil Change

We match the correct oil blend to your Vehicle. Standard or Synthetic Blend, you will not be “stuck” with having to pay for full Synthetic going forward. Using the correct oil is important if you tend go over the traditional 3000 Miles or 3 Months.

If you are driving a Turbo Charged vehicle we have you covered! We are proud to offer Full Synthetic Oils. These Oils are engineered specifically for your vehicle to meet and exceed manufactures’ Specifications.


The Automotive “Tune-up” has changed in the past decade. Traditional Tune-ups would be Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap, Rotor, PCV Valve, Air Filter, Fuel Filter or a combination of them. These days your car is more likely to run a Distributor less Ignition System, cutting out the need for the Cap and Rotor. Your vehicle may also be equipped with Coil Pack’s located on top of the Spark Plugs, meaning no Ignition Wires. Although periodic replacement is needed, they typically last much longer.

This is Maintenance service and should all have recommended change intervals in your vehicles “Owners Manual.” These components should be changed out when specified to keep your vehicle from serious issue. A no-start issue, a high/low idle problem, failed emissions, and a Check Engine Light illuminated on the dash are all frequent symptoms of neglect of maintenance.

Water Pump

The Water Pump is the most critical component in your vehicles cooling system. Without it working you are quickly left with an overheating engine and the possibility of needing a new one. The water pump on a four cylinder engine is usually located internal and is driven by the Timing Belt. Manufactures will specify a replacement interval depending on the vehicle. This is usually something that should be changed out with the Timing Belt so as to not pay the labor of opening the motor up twice.


A symptom of an exhaust problem is a loud engine. The annoyance is not the only reason to have exhaust system fixed, but has a major effect on your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. A hole in the exhaust too close to the engine can cause burnt exhaust valves and too large of a hole will decrease back pressure and your vehicle will lose power.


Our Maintenance Services offer great deals on Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule. We already know when you bring your car what type of Maintenance service your vehicle needs. 30K/60K/90K, just tell us what you want.

Brake Service

Safety is Number One! And starts with your brakes. Newer vehicles have Disc Brakes on all four wheels or at least Disc Brakes on the front and Drum Brakes on the rear. Most often the Front Pads and Brake Rotors need to be changed as the front is used most while driving and the rear used when applying the Emergency Brake.


Electrical problems can be the worst! From blown fuses to bad wiring to a loose battery cable. Since carburetors are not used in newer vehicles, the electrical system has become the most complex issue to pinpoint in the whole vehicle. Due to the complexity it requires more time to diagnose. Our technician have a lot of experience in diagnosing electrical problems work to find the problem quickly.


Weather you need to flush the Transmission, change the filter, or have a Malfunction Indicator on for the Transmission, we can help. Poor Transmission Shifts, Hard Shifts, and a loss of power are all signs of your Transmission Fluid needing to be changed. On most four cylinder automatic vehicles it just requires draining the fluid and adding new. Bigger engine vehicles, vehicles with four wheel drive, and lots of others also have Transmission Filter that needs to be changed out as well. This usually means removing the bottom part of the Transmission, changing the Filter, replacing the Transmission Pan Gasket and resealing the transmission.


We use a variety of Automotive Tools ranging from a basic wrench to the newest and most sophisticated Automotive Computer Scanner available. Whether you have a “Check Engine Light” illuminated on the dash of your Acura, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, or your Toyota is misfiring. We’ll fix the problem. Typically a code can be pulled up from your vehicle’s computer and a general idea given without any cost to you.

A/C Service

We will diagnose an A/C problem. It is easy to identity if there are any leaks. A vehicles Air Condition System relies on a Gas known as R-134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane) or in older vehicles R-12 (Dichlorodifluoromethane). R-134a replaced R-12 because it less harmful to the environment than r-12, but is less effective at cooling your car. We will find the problem and fix it fast.


The suspension system is what keeps you from feeling every rock and pot hole in the road. Yes the suspension system is designed for a comfortable ride, but its main function is to assist with steering efficency and affects the braking capabilities of your vehicle. Most often suspension problems are related to the Strut’s or Shocks being bad.

Timing Belt

Most vehicles call for their Timing Belt to be changed between 90000 – 100000 miles.
The Timing Belt is made of reinforced rubber that over time and mileage will become weak and break. Unlike other belts on a vehicle. The Timing belt keeps the all of the engine components moving at the right time, so when it breakes, the damage is usually much more severe and you may have to replace your engine. Check the manufacturers’ ower’s manual or come see us we’ll know what to do. Preventive Maintenance directly adds to the longevity of your vehicle.

Tire Service

Flat Repair, Tire Rotation, Install/Remove Snow Tires, or Wheel Alignment.

We work closely with different Tire and Alignment shops to provide you the best service options out there.


Your vehicle’s heating system cycles the coolant from your engine through a radiator, where a fan or blower pushes air through that follows tubing out your vents. It works just like the water passing through your radiator to cool the engine down. There can be many different reasons for a faulty heater system, but they are typically pretty easy to diagnose from the symptoms.


Cooling System Flush (Inclluding Pressure Test), Brake Fluid Flush (Incl. Dot 4 Synthetic Fluid!), Power Steering Flush, Transmission Flush, Differential Flush.

Keeping your fluids clean and contaminate free is a major part of vehicle maintenance. Failure to keep them clean will always result in bigger problems. Poor Transmission Shifts, Hard Shifts, and a loss of power are all signs of your Transmission Fluid needing to be changed.


We’ll clear your Rain drain if you ask us. Check out our Earlybird Service. Make an appointment to get an estimate.